Whip Tip Flop

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It was inevitable.
The girl who boasted of never meeting an implement she didn’t like can no longer make that claim.
I approached this toy from Eden Fantasys, the adult toy retailer, with the same nervous excitement as I greet any new addition. It was whippy. It was croppy. It was the Whip Tip Crop, and it looked like a stinger.

Made of black leather, it looks just like it sounds: a crop-style shaft that finishes in a whip tip of thin, nylon rope. Chosen from Eden’s Bondage Toys selection, it had great reviews.
After an appetizer replete with hand and belt, it was time to test this toy out. True to its appearance, it stung. And it stung some more. The level of sting never fluctuated, no matter how softly or harshly it was used. The whip tip isn’t long enough to offer a variety of sensations but instead it felt like the same-sized bee stinging my bottom repeatedly. If you enjoy just plain sting — and this girl doesn’t — then you might like this implement.
Perhaps it would be better as a crop?

We dove in only to find that the whip tip wraps if it is used as a crop. After a few swishes and cracks, my body cried ‘Uncle’ — my unprotected hip bones not designed to absorb pain quite like my generous bottom. D, as an experienced connoisseur, has a stern “no wrapping” rule as well, so he quickly abandoned the experiment amid my cries of genuine discomfort.
What did that devious Dom reach for next, to appease both of us?
The cane. Yes, that one. All 40 inches of it.
One way or another, it appeared as though I was going to earn my stripes that night. Six blazing strokes to the rescue, and the evening was saved — earning me new bragging rights.

Best in Show

It arrived in plain, brown cardboard. Eden Fantasys, the adult toy retailer, understands matters of discretion. However, my emotions upon opening the nondescript box were anything but discreet: pulse quickening, tummy tightening, lip moistening delight.

It looks like a crop, but isn’t. Unlike a crop, the shaft itself is not meant for spanking, as there is a coil of metal where it meets the leather tip. The 24″ long Doggin’ Bat ends in two pieces of 1.5″ wide leather, the business end of the implement.
Any time there is a new member introduced to our toy chest, I brim with nervous enthusiasm. It’s rather like a first date, isn’t it? The anticipation, the tease, the wait — will he be as good in person as he is on paper? What kind of panties should I wear for this introduction? (Of course, to carry the analogy that far insinuates that I’m the kind of girl to flash her knickers on a first date. I will neither confirm nor deny.)
When it comes to leather, though, I’m sort of a sure thing.
Oh yes, predictably, my jeans were joined by my panties in short order and the Doggin’ Bat slap, slap, slapped its way across my cheeks. I kept thinking, “Where is the bite? There is no bite. Bring the heat!”

From Chross

About to call a halt to the initiation, suddenly the bat sprung to life with a resounding whap! It was at one moment barely perceptible, and the next, cringe-worthy in its gruffness.
And that handle…oh my, that naughty handle probed in places a handle has never gone before, only to turn itself ’round again and explore other sensitive areas.
It was a full-body, sensual exploration that kept me guessing at his next move. Higher, lower, under my cheeks, (between my cheeks), the leather fingers snapped and caressed. Would it be hard? Would it gently tongue me closer to climax only to withdraw again with a punishing stroke? It had the ability to do it all. Except vibrate.

Yes, I shall be taking this tall, dark rider out for a second date. Maybe next time I’ll make it a ménage à trois and invite one of his horsey cousins.

Who Let this Dog Out?

Big thanks to Curvaceous Dee for this generous submission. Read the original review here.
aka Raunchy Review: Fetish Fantasy Doggy Hood and Leash
Damn, but I keep procrastinating when I have to write a review and the product is completely crap…
So here’s the one-paragraph review:
This is a not a good product. And I feel that it’s kind of sad that the best thing I can say about the Fetish Fantasy Doggy Hood and Leash is – well, at least people can’t see who’s wearing it!
And the review with more detail:
I thought that this would be a neat thing to review, as my lovely Pet also makes a very good puppy. He’s got his rubber moulded dog hood, his rubber bone, big stainless steel bowls to eat and drink from, a big mat to curl up on, and a pretty impressive doggy tail as well. Some of these he had before we met, some we’ve bought together, and some I’ve purchased for him as gifts. I thought that maybe this hood would make a good addition, especially as you can have eye and / or mouth access, something which the rubber dog hood does not (awesome to wear, great enclosure etc. Not so good to wear when trying to eat!).
Because I’m always willing to try new things myself, when the Doggy Hood and Leash arrived and we got it open, I wanted to put it on myself first. Cue hysterical laughing from us both, really. Yes, most of these photos are of me. You can tell, because Hylas doesn’t own a fluorescent pink top!
So, first impressions out of the box. It looks like leather in the product photo, but you know what? That’s not leather. It smells vaguely petroleum-y, and the interior of the hood is the same as you get on those fake leather trousers that you thought you liked and then never wore (what, you didn’t have those tucked away in the back of your wardrobe?).
It also appears that this is not a product designed to keep its shape well. Perhaps putting it on will help?

Perhaps not. My ears – and my muzzle – are rather wonky. I can breathe well enough through the nose holes, but opening the mouth zip leaves everything rather lop-sided, if more airy.
Snapping off the blindfold isn’t too difficult (although snapping it back on is rather unpleasant), but my eyes don’t line up terribly well with the holes. Given that the hood is resting on the most comfortable place on my nose, that’s a little worrisome.
“Do I look like a dog?” Hmm. Perhaps no one should answer that question. I certainly don’t feel like a dog!
I’d needed Hylas’ assistance to tighten the hood appropriately – while I could put it on over my head, I needed help to tighten the cords at the back. And we discovered something rather interesting as we did so – there’s enough cord here to tickle my arse, post tightening. That’s a lot of extra cord!
It’s a shame that there was so much cord left over, but the vinyl leash was so very short. Not terribly practical – if somewhat amusing to Hylas…
So. Also not something you can put on yourself. Definitely need a second pair of hands, unless you’ve had a lot of practice.
Any why won’t my ears straighten out?
Okay. His turn. It was, after all, my puppy that I’d gotten it for!

Hylas also slid the hood on over his head without too much trouble, and I was able to tighten the cords for him. There was a good baffle at the back, to ensure that tightening those cords wouldn’t catch and pull on his hair (this was a good thing – the baffle also meant that there’s a lot of lee-way in head-size for this, at least in terms of fitting it over the skull and not showing hair). Of course, I absolutely took the opportunity to pay him back, so I made sure his lower back was well-tickled with those cords once I was done …
Alas, he didn’t look any better in it than I did – or feel it. Blegh. And we made one more interesting discovery when he had it on, too:

Yes indeed – those are his eyebrows. Through the eye-holes. While the hood was sitting comfortably on his nose, as it had with me.
So. No. Not really designed for a larger head at all!
We took the hood off him. Looked at it some more. Looked at the photos on the camera. Laughed. Wished I’d requested a different product. Put it back in its box.
And went to play with the rubber hood instead.
Verdict: Just no.
Name: Doggy Hood and Leash, from Fetish Fantasy Series
Size: One size fits all
Materials: Fake leather (no idea what it’s really made of), vinyl leash
Colours: Black
Made in: China
Price: $56.99 US
Worthy of note: It gets a 1 rather than a 0 for having that baffle at the back
Places it feels good: Back in the box
1/10 Erogenous Zones
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Fascinations in return for a fair and honest review. No payment was received or made.
See all of Curvaceous Dee’s reviews here!
Thanks again to Curvaceous Dee for sharing this. Be sure to read the original review here.
All photos are the property of Curvaceous Dee.

40 Inches of Mean

There's something missing

I had it delivered directly to D’s.
Patience is not one of my virtues, so at the end of each day I anxiously asked, “Have you received a package from Eden Fantasys yet?”
It arrived in time for our weekend together. I’d be experiencing it in less than 24 hours, time enough for hundreds of images to infiltrate my thoughts: me, bent and waiting, D tapping a rhythm before landing a stroke.
When Eden Fantasys, an online feast of adult sex toys, contacted me just seven days prior about reviewing one of their products, the only uncertainty was what, among their vast offerings, I would pick. After short consideration, I chose their Bamboo Cane, 40 inches of lean, mean, knotty discipline dressed in a leather handle.

I could have chosen a number of their Bondage toys (clamps, anyone?) but I stayed true to my spanko roots. The cane scares me. I’m still inexperienced with the searing, burning type of pain that accompanies it. But I’m a geek, a sucker for experiments. I’ll take one — or a dozen — for my kinky team.
Having no concept of what a 40 inch cane would look like (I’m a geek, not a mathematician), I was shocked, SHOCKED, by the length of this toy. It could strike three two of me lined hip to hip. Imagine the momentum this slim slugger could achieve!
Fortunately I did not have to imagine for long, as D was just as eager to test our newest team member’s hitting power. So, there I was: bent over the bed, my pants and panties already discarded in the pre-game scrimmage, wondering what the hell I was thinking when I chose the cane.

The familiar burn inflamed me as D exclaimed at the smoothness of the dreaded implement. I could feel small welts rise as D explained that this was not a toy for a beginner. And wasn’t I lucky that he is an expert in all things whippy?
Lucky, indeed, I kept telling myself through the three subsequent sessions of the cane that weekend. Lucky, indeed, I reminded myself as I gazed in the mirror at the fading bruises and remembered the cane’s stinging bites.
Lucky, indeed, I am for having the opportunity to test a most excellent implement, an ally in the bedroom with its ability to deliver sensual taps. But when D gives me that look, you better believe I will recall the 40 inches of retribution that now await me in the toy closet. Thank you, Eden Fantasys.
That bamboo cane means business.


The Santa Tawse

“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”
– Pierre-Auguste Renoir
When the owner and craftsman of Paddle Me Pink Leather (PMP) made the offer to test one of his paddles, it didn’t take long for me to consider. How could I refuse two of my most favorite things, leather and spanking, when combined with the opportunity to sample an implement from one of today’s growing specialty shops?
We chose PMP’s leather tawse because I’d never had the pleasure of experiencing multiple, stinging fingers of leather.
After friendly and professional communication, the custom-made tawse arrived quickly and discreetly. I squealed with joy upon opening the package. Small enough to fit next to my wooden hairbrush in my over-sized purse, the tawse bore a hand-tooled “P”, illustrating PMP’s penchant for customizable design.

The tawse is 15″ (slightly longer than standard) by 2.5″ of gorgeous, hand-dyed leather with four 6″ long beveled “fingers”. I was curious to see if this lightweight implement was a giant in disguise.

The first opportunity to test it presented itself this weekend, and D, with the diligence of a Top, enthusiastically put it to use on my warmed and bared backside.
While it made lovely music on my cheeks, it wasn’t heavy enough to set me dancing immediately. What it lacks in thud factor, it makes up for in burn as, after about a dozen licks, I was wriggling, unsuccessfully, away from the punishing sting.
As big fans of traditional OTK, this leather implement offered us what the belt does not: an opportunity to feel D’s thighs beneath me as I eventually raised my bottom to greet the tawse, combining two of our great loves in one handy piece.

But what did D, the experienced Dom and “Stranger-to-no-spanking- device”, have to say?
“This implement, unlike our thick, leather strap or the cane, is perfect for portable play at any skill level. Because of its size and lightweight structure, I didn’t have to worry about leaving ugly marks or injuring you.
While the handle is on the small side for my large hands (wink, wink), the tawse is well-balanced and would be great for a couple who likes to switch, too. It is the perfect implement for the beginner or for the more skilled looking to add a little sting to a warm-up.”
I cannot say enough nice things about the proprietor of PMP, also a blogger, or of the excellent craftsmanship of this lovely tawse — his 15 years experience certainly shows. I plan on keeping it on my bureau (when not expecting company), the personalized “P” serving as an ominous reminder of its ability to make me squirm and plead.
Be sure to check out PMP’s other offerings — in addition to my Tawse, the featured item, The Heavy Single Tail Strap looks particularly delicious.
PMP has graciously offered all readers of The Pink Report an enticing 20% discount until the end of December with this code at check-out: PNKRPRT10.
‘Tis the Season for giving, so don’t forget to treat yourself (and your bottom) to a gift that will keep you warmer than any handknit sweater. I’d like to send a big thank you to PMP for the opportunity to test his product. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

All photos courtesy of PMP Leather.

The Big Butt Book

I love books. I love butts. And a book about butts? Too good to be true, you say?
Not so. “The Big Butt Book” is a travelogue through the globes. Under the covers of this tabletop pleasure lies a landscape described in all the bootiful detail.
Hear what the author, Dian Hanson, has to say in this video. There’s even an interview with Eve Howard. And learn about the “complex science of booty clapping” — hint, it’s not what you think it is.

Read more about Dian Hanson’s “The Big Butt Book” here and is available for purchase here.


Toasted with a side of butter

Let’s take care of our bottoms, alright? I mean, in this kink of ours, they are a pretty major focus. And as much “abuse” as mine takes, I like it to feel soft, look smooth, and be well-admired. I want my bottom to be toasted, with a side of butter.

There’s this product that I use. It is a-ma-zing. Origins makes an exfoliator called “Incredible Spreadable Scrub” and comes in several tantalizing scents. The one I prefer? Ginger. (They also make a fabulous line of ginger souffle lotion and bath creams.) Use it with a mesh poof (what ARE those things called?) for maximum effect.
Word to the wise, throw that mesh poof out after a week and get a new one. They are breeding grounds for bacteria so it would kind of defeat the purpose to have them hanging around for too long. (And you can get them at any dollar store for…a dollar.)
Having a smooth, soft bottom is my personal invitation for him to stay awhile. Even after last night’s ministrations (there was more spanking following my discipline), my bottom is soft and pliable and ready for more. Hello, Saturday!

Eggs with a side of vibe

One of these days, I’ll introduce you to my two friends with whom I occasionally breakfast and discuss kinky happenings, but not today. On the latest get-together, we bopped down to the adult toy store and spent about an hour wading through corsets, thigh-highs, and vibrators. 
As we made our way to the cash register, I found myself empty-handed but full of ideas for my next purchases. Then I saw it — nestled in a little container next to the register was this thumb-sized vibrator attached to a cord. It’s called the “Promise finger ring” by Evolved. And it came in pink. But did it have power?

Soon the saleslady was demonstrating the vibe action for us, showing the variable speeds and functions that were controlled by a button on the ring at the end of the cord. Small, quietly powerful and versatile, this bullet would be perfect for a discreet public orgasm. Sold!
Empty-handed no longer, I tucked my purchase inside my purse and waited for the perfect moment to try it out.
That moment happened about a half-an-hour later; willpower has never been my strong suit. And my mind wandered to other uses for it. How would it feel to be spanked while this bullet pulsed away? Could it work its magic for both my partner and I while he was inside me? What if I put it there instead of here?
The answers: blissful, oh yeah, and WOW!

Ryder Pink Pearl

Thanks to Submissive Baby Girl for this review!
I love it. I have it with me usually all of the time now. During a particularly hectic day at work, I’ll excuse myself and when I return to my desk, I find I am much more centered, balanced and able to think clearly. I could be becoming addicted! Ha!
(Pink’s note: I also have this plug, in a different color.  Think a motorcycle isn’t exhilarating on its own?  Pop this thick plug in and go for a joy ride.)

Implements that grow on trees

Thanks to D for submitting this review of our recent experience with a switch.
Plucked fresh from the tree and given to my sub to remove the leaves and smooth the bark as best she could, was the birch switch from this past weekend.
When she was finished, I ordered her pants down and, after snugging her panties up her crack, gave her 3 medium swats that left crossing red lines across her cheeks.
I let it age overnight and the next morning retrieved it from its resting spot. All covered with dew, I tested its flexibility with a few strikes through the air and the supple bending was proof that the morning lines would soon be forthcoming.
Willows are plentiful where I live so it’s a real treat to trim a fresh white branch from the forest tree and put it to use immediately. With a little extra effort, you can make use of several irregular-shaped branches by tying them into a bundle for a real birching experience. Set a few of the straighter branches aside for your sub to pluck clean while making your bundle.
For those of us who don’t yet have a woodshed to march our submissive too, a brisk walk through the woods with a fist full of hair is a healthy outdoor experience with fun for all.
(Pink’s note: I might question the “fun for all” sentiment.)