The Big Butt Book

I love books. I love butts. And a book about butts? Too good to be true, you say?
Not so. “The Big Butt Book” is a travelogue through the globes. Under the covers of this tabletop pleasure lies a landscape described in all the bootiful detail.
Hear what the author, Dian Hanson, has to say in this video. There’s even an interview with Eve Howard. And learn about the “complex science of booty clapping” — hint, it’s not what you think it is.

Read more about Dian Hanson’s “The Big Butt Book” here and is available for purchase here.


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"I want to tell you everything, whispering my confessions as I lie across your lap. I want stress relief; I want to relieve your stress. I want butterflies, anxiety and comfort all wrapped in a passionate package and tied with a belt."

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