The Santa Tawse

“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”
– Pierre-Auguste Renoir
When the owner and craftsman of Paddle Me Pink Leather (PMP) made the offer to test one of his paddles, it didn’t take long for me to consider. How could I refuse two of my most favorite things, leather and spanking, when combined with the opportunity to sample an implement from one of today’s growing specialty shops?
We chose PMP’s leather tawse because I’d never had the pleasure of experiencing multiple, stinging fingers of leather.
After friendly and professional communication, the custom-made tawse arrived quickly and discreetly. I squealed with joy upon opening the package. Small enough to fit next to my wooden hairbrush in my over-sized purse, the tawse bore a hand-tooled “P”, illustrating PMP’s penchant for customizable design.

The tawse is 15″ (slightly longer than standard) by 2.5″ of gorgeous, hand-dyed leather with four 6″ long beveled “fingers”. I was curious to see if this lightweight implement was a giant in disguise.

The first opportunity to test it presented itself this weekend, and D, with the diligence of a Top, enthusiastically put it to use on my warmed and bared backside.
While it made lovely music on my cheeks, it wasn’t heavy enough to set me dancing immediately. What it lacks in thud factor, it makes up for in burn as, after about a dozen licks, I was wriggling, unsuccessfully, away from the punishing sting.
As big fans of traditional OTK, this leather implement offered us what the belt does not: an opportunity to feel D’s thighs beneath me as I eventually raised my bottom to greet the tawse, combining two of our great loves in one handy piece.

But what did D, the experienced Dom and “Stranger-to-no-spanking- device”, have to say?
“This implement, unlike our thick, leather strap or the cane, is perfect for portable play at any skill level. Because of its size and lightweight structure, I didn’t have to worry about leaving ugly marks or injuring you.
While the handle is on the small side for my large hands (wink, wink), the tawse is well-balanced and would be great for a couple who likes to switch, too. It is the perfect implement for the beginner or for the more skilled looking to add a little sting to a warm-up.”
I cannot say enough nice things about the proprietor of PMP, also a blogger, or of the excellent craftsmanship of this lovely tawse — his 15 years experience certainly shows. I plan on keeping it on my bureau (when not expecting company), the personalized “P” serving as an ominous reminder of its ability to make me squirm and plead.
Be sure to check out PMP’s other offerings — in addition to my Tawse, the featured item, The Heavy Single Tail Strap looks particularly delicious.
PMP has graciously offered all readers of The Pink Report an enticing 20% discount until the end of December with this code at check-out: PNKRPRT10.
‘Tis the Season for giving, so don’t forget to treat yourself (and your bottom) to a gift that will keep you warmer than any handknit sweater. I’d like to send a big thank you to PMP for the opportunity to test his product. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

All photos courtesy of PMP Leather.

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