Best in Show

It arrived in plain, brown cardboard. Eden Fantasys, the adult toy retailer, understands matters of discretion. However, my emotions upon opening the nondescript box were anything but discreet: pulse quickening, tummy tightening, lip moistening delight.

It looks like a crop, but isn’t. Unlike a crop, the shaft itself is not meant for spanking, as there is a coil of metal where it meets the leather tip. The 24″ long Doggin’ Bat ends in two pieces of 1.5″ wide leather, the business end of the implement.
Any time there is a new member introduced to our toy chest, I brim with nervous enthusiasm. It’s rather like a first date, isn’t it? The anticipation, the tease, the wait — will he be as good in person as he is on paper? What kind of panties should I wear for this introduction? (Of course, to carry the analogy that far insinuates that I’m the kind of girl to flash her knickers on a first date. I will neither confirm nor deny.)
When it comes to leather, though, I’m sort of a sure thing.
Oh yes, predictably, my jeans were joined by my panties in short order and the Doggin’ Bat slap, slap, slapped its way across my cheeks. I kept thinking, “Where is the bite? There is no bite. Bring the heat!”

From Chross

About to call a halt to the initiation, suddenly the bat sprung to life with a resounding whap! It was at one moment barely perceptible, and the next, cringe-worthy in its gruffness.
And that handle…oh my, that naughty handle probed in places a handle has never gone before, only to turn itself ’round again and explore other sensitive areas.
It was a full-body, sensual exploration that kept me guessing at his next move. Higher, lower, under my cheeks, (between my cheeks), the leather fingers snapped and caressed. Would it be hard? Would it gently tongue me closer to climax only to withdraw again with a punishing stroke? It had the ability to do it all. Except vibrate.

Yes, I shall be taking this tall, dark rider out for a second date. Maybe next time I’ll make it a ménage à trois and invite one of his horsey cousins.

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