40 Inches of Mean

There's something missing

I had it delivered directly to D’s.
Patience is not one of my virtues, so at the end of each day I anxiously asked, “Have you received a package from Eden Fantasys yet?”
It arrived in time for our weekend together. I’d be experiencing it in less than 24 hours, time enough for hundreds of images to infiltrate my thoughts: me, bent and waiting, D tapping a rhythm before landing a stroke.
When Eden Fantasys, an online feast of adult sex toys, contacted me just seven days prior about reviewing one of their products, the only uncertainty was what, among their vast offerings, I would pick. After short consideration, I chose their Bamboo Cane, 40 inches of lean, mean, knotty discipline dressed in a leather handle.

I could have chosen a number of their Bondage toys (clamps, anyone?) but I stayed true to my spanko roots. The cane scares me. I’m still inexperienced with the searing, burning type of pain that accompanies it. But I’m a geek, a sucker for experiments. I’ll take one — or a dozen — for my kinky team.
Having no concept of what a 40 inch cane would look like (I’m a geek, not a mathematician), I was shocked, SHOCKED, by the length of this toy. It could strike three two of me lined hip to hip. Imagine the momentum this slim slugger could achieve!
Fortunately I did not have to imagine for long, as D was just as eager to test our newest team member’s hitting power. So, there I was: bent over the bed, my pants and panties already discarded in the pre-game scrimmage, wondering what the hell I was thinking when I chose the cane.

The familiar burn inflamed me as D exclaimed at the smoothness of the dreaded implement. I could feel small welts rise as D explained that this was not a toy for a beginner. And wasn’t I lucky that he is an expert in all things whippy?
Lucky, indeed, I kept telling myself through the three subsequent sessions of the cane that weekend. Lucky, indeed, I reminded myself as I gazed in the mirror at the fading bruises and remembered the cane’s stinging bites.
Lucky, indeed, I am for having the opportunity to test a most excellent implement, an ally in the bedroom with its ability to deliver sensual taps. But when D gives me that look, you better believe I will recall the 40 inches of retribution that now await me in the toy closet. Thank you, Eden Fantasys.
That bamboo cane means business.


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About Pink

"I want to tell you everything, whispering my confessions as I lie across your lap. I want stress relief; I want to relieve your stress. I want butterflies, anxiety and comfort all wrapped in a passionate package and tied with a belt."

6 thoughts on “40 Inches of Mean

  1. There are toys that sting which are good for warm ups, and toys that deliver a punishing thump. THIS toys covers a full range of sensations!

    The fit and balance was really comfortable for me. I can use it with just wrist action or just forearm and create the desired results.

    If Pink ever earns a hard punishment, she better pray that God takes her soul because her ASS will belong to me and I’m reaching for this cane!

  2. Oh Pink!! I am a lover of canes… I remember being afraid of them too… So applaud you for being brave and pushing your comfort! 🙂 sounds like a lovely weekend to me!

    • So have you conquered your fears? Do they go away?

      It was a wonderful weekend. Today my bottom has resumed its normal coloring — just in time for more!

      And, yey! You made the jump to the new review site! Welcome!

      • I saw it on the spanking network and only realized it was not your regular blog after I commented lol.

        Yes I conquered my fears and yes they go away. Or atleast they did for me. It’s actually my implement of choice now… Strange how that works.

        And you’re a good sport.. D must love that 🙂

      • I’m willing to try things more than once, that’s for sure. But I trust D to not take it further than I can manage. So it’s pretty hot when he wants to do something I’m not that crazy about.

        The cane, though…I could grow to love it, like you have. 🙂 I’m ever the optimist.

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